Screen and Projector Hire

Screen and projector hire is the most cost effective way to display your message at your event. There are various types of projector hire available depending on the size of your venue and how many people you need to be able to see the projected image.You can also opt for screen hire if you don’t have a suitable area to project your images or video onto, which is relatively cheap to hire.

There are lots of different screen and projector hire options available to you, so it’s always best to consult an expert before you choose the projector and screen for your event. There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration and experienced projector hire specialists and screen hire experts will know the best solution depending on the needs that you have. Conferences and Events UK has many years of experience in screen and projector hire so please do call us for free advice.

Although simple and easy to set up, if the settings aren’t right on your own projector, or if it’s getting older and providing less clear images, it’s best to invest in projector hire for a special occasion. For the small cost it’s not worth the embarrassment of your equipment letting you down on the day.

Why Projector Hire And Screen Hire Is Best

Opting to rent a projector and screen is the best decision you will make in planning your event, because you can simply relax in the knowledge that the display has been set up by experts. Once the equipment is set up correctly you know your event can go ahead without any problems, and if by any chance problems arise during the presentation you know you can call the company who supplied it and they can immediately assist you in getting the system back in working order within seconds for minimal disruption. Conferences and Events UK offers this service free of charge with all of its projector and screen hire. Our technicians can even be booked at a small extra cost to help your with your AV equipment hire throughout your event.

Also, choosing screen and projector hire means that you get access to the latest, most up to date equipment without having to pay the high costs of buying a new system, which of course is a major advantage, especially in business when money is everything.

The Advantages Of Projectors

There are lots of advantages to projectors over TV screens. First of all, you have the ability to get the largest possible picture. You are able to create a large screen experience at a fraction of the cost of a large screen TV, and can get clear, crisp pictures to as big as 120”.

Another fantastic benefit of a screen hire for a projector system is that there is a huge space saving advantage. The screen is not fixed so can be rolled up or stored until it is required for use. The projector itself can, in some circumstances, be mounted above the head so there is no need to have large, bulky equipment sitting around. Although for most small meetings projectors sit happily on the table in front of the screen.

Projector hire is also a smart option for its ease of installation. Projectors and screens are easy to set up and can in many cases be set up by people with little experience when required. This has a great advantage if you’re in need of quick setup when there is no experienced team or person available to help.