Lighting Equipment Rental

The correct lighting is vital to set the right mood for your event. Whether your event needs to be  motivational, romantic, inspiring or simply functional, it’s vitally important the right mood is set by the use of effective lighting equipment hire. Conferences and Events UK has all the lighting equipment rentals you could ever need to ensure your event is a complete success.

It is far easier to hire lighting equipment for your event than buying it, as this can cost far more money and you probably won’t need to use it very often. In this article we talk through LED, intelligent lighting and spotlights to give you a better idea of which option might be best for you before you agree to any lighting equipment rentals for your event.

Obviously, when you hire lighting equipment, the company you use will be able to advise you on the right lighting equipment hire for your event. However, the main purpose of this article is to help you be more involved in the lighting design, so you can create the exact effect you want.

LED, intelligent and spotlights are the three main lighting types used for event lighting and usually one of these will be used when you opt to hire lighting equipment for an event such as a conference, for example.  Specialist lighting equipment rental companies like Conferences and Events UK have a good understanding of the uses of these types of lighting and how they can best be used to create the desired effect.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has progressed hugely in terms of technology in recent years and today, it is used to create stunning special effects. LED lights are great for creating vivid and soft colours on sets and are now widely used for a variety of events such as conferences, award ceremonies, events, shows and DJ sets. LEDs are very powerful, long lasting and are efficient on power making them the most environmentally friendly option for your lighting equipment hire.

LED lighting is not suitable for everything though, and this is where the expertise of our lighting team comes in. LED light doesn’t produce full spectrum white light so it’s not the best option for lighting up human skin and artwork, or items with a deep colour.

We can advise on exactly the right type of LED lighting for your lighting equipment hire, set it all up for you prior to your event and even stay and operate the lighting throughout your event for complete peace of mind.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting equipment hire can be a great help in making your event a success. Intelligent lighting can be programmed by AV technicians to do many different tasks during the course of your event. For example you may want your lighting equipment rental to shine a spotlight every time someone takes to the stage, you may want the ceiling bathed in colour or you may want your logo projected on the dance floor. Whatever you want your lighting equipment hire to achieve, intelligent lighting can be programmed to do exactly what you need to create the right atmosphere.

As intelligent lighting is generally a more difficult lighting equipment rental to use, we would recommend you also hire one of our trained technicians to ensure all of the lighting is programmed correctly and there’s no problems running your lighting equipment hire throughout the course of the event. Your Conferences and Events UK technician will ensure your lighting choices operate at the correct time and create exactly the desired effect throughout.


Spotlighting rental equipment is perfect for award ceremonies, conferences and events where you want to ensure the main speaker, or award receiver gets all the attention he or she deserves.

Spotlights are operated by a trained AV technician who would be there throughout the event to ensure your lighting equipment hire was used effectively. Whenever your speaker appears on stage your technician would ensure the spotlight was used to ensure your message is clearly conveyed.

Lighting equipment hire is a cost effective way to ensure your event has exactly the right atmosphere and your message has been conveyed in the most effective way possible. Lighting equipment rental isn’t as expensive as you may think, so ask Conferences and Events UK for a free no obligation quotation and we’ll help create the day of your dreams.