How to Keep Calm While Presenting – 5 Tips

Stop Presentation Nerves

Top Tips for a Calm Presentation

Even seasoned speakers get nerves before a presentation. Whilst they are completely normal, and can drive you to give your best, they can get in the way of a great presentation.

Being nervous isn’t a weakness. These tips will help you channel your nervous energy into something positive. They are small, concise tips. Feel free save to your phone or print out as a quick reminder.



This is a great and natural way to relax. It can also break the ice with the audience.


Drink Water

Nerves can give you a dry mouth. A sip of water will make your delivery clearer. It also buys you a precious moment or two if you need to pause of think



Knowing your subject and being prepared will give you confidence. If you can’t prepare the topic, research your audience which will help with rapport.


Slow Down and Pause

Just before starting, pause, make eye contact with the audience and smile. It’s a moment of peace. Remember to pause during the presentation to gather the audience’s attention. A slower pace will relax you.


Have Reliable AV Equipment

Make sure your AV Equipment works well. If it doesn’t, hire some decent audio visual equipment. Messing around with faulty or badly set up projectors will distract and frustrate your audience.