Creating An Effective Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are great to promote branding. Whether you’re a new business or one that’s has been established for years, there is always something more you can offer to customers or other businesses. At tradeshows you can showcase new innovations and exclusive materials. However no one attending will be interested in what you have to offer unless you follow these simple steps to building a successful trade show booth.

First Step –

Find a suitable trade show to attend.

A trade show is a location where people attending are looking to buy and wanting to learn about the latest and greatest that companies have to offer. As a result make sure you aren’t in over your head if you’re a small business. Find a tradeshow where the other businesses wont over shadow you and if there is that possibility makes sure you have a game plan to hold your own and draw attention to yourself. And of course make sure your products are relevant there.


Second Step –


Most tradeshows will have a plan of available stand locations. If you are willing to pay extra for a prime location look into it as soon as you can as these spots will quickly go. Having a prime location will mean you will be able to be located in the main footfall locations so that you get the most traffic and will have a higher chance of attracting the people that invest in your business in some way.

Third Step –


This might be obvious but plan how you can use bold colours and shapes to attract people into your booth. No one will want to go to a plain or basic booth. Try and incorporate exciting display and showcase brand colours to create a lasting image. This will also help you to distinguish your booth from the hundreds of others.

Make your message clear, so that you are attracting people that are either interested in exactly what you offer or are interested in learning about it. These types of visitors are the ones you want and will need to try and appeal to.

Fourth Step –

Make Your Booth Approachable

Make sure your booth is easy to move around when people do decide to stop. Make sure to have an open plan. Use tables and showcases to break up your booth into sections for people to stop and look and your services so that they have something to do if you are busy talking to another visitor.

Also people are interested in learning from different Medias. Have on hand flyers, pamphlets, and reading materials as well as screens and videos playing.

If your only have a small booth be sure to always wear a smile and know as much as you can about the products you offer. This will make visitors feel confident in what you offer. To make contacts, hand out business cards as well or even ask for a person’s to maintain contact.

trade show 2

Fifth Step –

Contests and promotions

Everyone loves to get involved and have a chance at winning something. Try and think of promotional offers or prizes relevant to you business and services to give away or offer at the trade show. This can help your business spread through word of mouth. Make sure your show special is posted and very clear.

Sixth Step –

Free Marketing

Use social media to efficiently advertise both the event and your booth/business. One way to use social media is to engage with people who have checked in at the venue or mentioned the trade show on social media. Also, join in on hashtags to make sure people following the event updates see you and are drawn to you. Also get people to use your hashtag to extend reach and boost interest.

Final Step –

Have fun and give away products

When you enjoy your products and services it reflects onto passersby, they will be more interested and will take in more information if you are passionate about what you do and how you do it.

Buy products. Little things like pens, bags, little gadgets, cups/mugs, badges and other little products. Most booths will offer small products to take but maybe think of something you can give away that is more recognisable and memorable.

Here at Conferences and Events UK we wish you luck at tradeshows and we can offer furniture rental to you perfect for creating an appealing booth. Click here to find out more.