Budgeting your event the right way

With money always being a concern when it comes to events and producing something that’s expected to be fantastic and functional, you need to make sure you are spending the budget more on the experience and less on the marketing.

With a general rule that 33% of your total budget should be spent on food and beverages you would be surprised about how much you need and how little to have to get it. Some professionals believe it should be more like 55%. With a major chunk of your event spent on food and beverages, what does that leave for the rest? You still have other costs like:

  • Audiovisual
  • Entertainment
  • Speakers
  • Venue
  • Promotional items
  • Staff travel
  • Decorations
  • Marketing

Create an experience not just an event

Don’t give too much away but make them think they need to attend the event. Don’t just put together the most basic event that provides just enough to interest them.

If you do this then you will be forgotten within a week.

People won’t talk about you. Make sure you transport participants and the audience to somewhere new to them. Decorate, have a theme, just don’t go over boards because you can create the wrong first impression.


Where Experience Begins

It’s seen in your communications, your social media marketing, even your website or event landing page. The experience begins all before a person signs up to attend. It’s all about how the event is perceived.

Have a simple website with a clean layout. Easy to read information and sign up options through the site. Post regular updates about potential speakers and the aim of the event on social media.

These ideas get attendees excited long before they get to your event. People who are excited tell other people. And what does that mean? Less money you need to spend on marketing.

The Event Venue

Host at an amazing venue!

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to rent out the most amazing stately manor house or ballroom. All it means is that it needs to be able to fit your audience and have space for them to breathe. Make it quirky and memorable through the venue.  If you host your event somewhere out of the ordinary, you can bet people will be talking about it.

They more interesting the venue the more you are talked about and shared and the less you spend on marketing, see where we are going with this?

Have the top tech

Create the best audio and visual experience you can at your event. Get the best technology through renting and hiring which means you are now saving money in other areas of your Budget. Here at Conferences and Events UK we offer a huge variety of equipment to make your event pop, and stand out from the crowd.

Make sure you focus on the tech attendees will be using as well. They will be using their phones throughout the event so make sure you are a part of that. Set #’s for your event, even create a Geo-tag filter on Snapchat. Get them sharing on social and succeed.


In Conclusion

All in all there are some great ways to reduce your marketing spending. You can then spend the remaining budget on other areas, of the event, to create an amazing and immerseful experience. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful tools an event planner has at his/her disposal, take advantage of this and produce the greatest event you can with the best equipment and a memorable venue.

You must give people the tools they need to provide easy reviews, hashtags, picture opportunities and other ways for them to share their experience. Take your time and take advantage of all free advertising opportunities even if it takes a little more planning it can save you money as well as make you more.

Find all of you AV equipment needs here at Conferences and Events UK. Take a tour of our site and get in touch if you have any queries.