5 Tips to Set Up A Projector

How Do I Set Up a Projector?

Top Tips for Setting Up Presentation AV

Setting up presentations and data projectors can be an extra cause for pre-presentation nerves. Conferences and Events UK has years of experience in AV hire and event planning. Follow our simple connection guide to get your presentation off to a flying start.


Prepare your AV Equipment

Start by making sure the laptop and projector are both turned off before you start making any connections.


Preparing the Projector

Turn the projector on, make sure it is on the correct input (in this case ‘computer in’) and connect it to the laptop using a VGA cable. (It doesn’t matter which end you connect to either device.) Connect one end to the projector ‘Computer In’ port and connect the other end to the ‘Video’ (external monitor) port on the laptop.


Making an AV Connection

Turn the laptop on, it should automatically try and find an external display, ie, projector or monitor, and connect to the projector. If it doesn’t the Fn button on your laptop will activate the function keys. One of these will be the ‘monitor output’ button. Check your laptop help guide for advice on this. Some projectors, such as Panasonic, have an onscreen display feature, this will enable you to set up easily following the simple instructions. Please remember to make sure that the correct input on the projector is selected, you can find this out by pressing the input button on the projector. If it is not on the correct input it will not connect.


Getting your Project Audio Working

Attach the audio cable to the projector ‘Audio In’ port and the laptop ‘Audio out’ port. Make sure these connections are tight. As laptop sound is often poor, we recommend using a separate laptop speaker. If you have a bigger audience you should consider using a small PA system to ensure your presentation is heard by all attending. Your local AV hire company will be able to sort this for you.


Final Touches

Check all connections. Run through your presentation to make sure it looks the way you want and that sound (if used) is set to an acceptable level. Keep in mind the sound will need to be set much louder than it may appear to need when you are setting up on your own.

Other guides may advise you to do all connections before turning on your projector. We advise turning the projector on first to ensure the laptop picks up the signal immediately. It can save a lot of time and confusion!

Always do a run through of your presentation to check everything is working correctly before starting your meeting or event.

Use an external laptop speaker if you’re concerned your laptop won’t be loud enough. We always recommend a laptop speaker or small PA system if you have a larger audience.

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