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Two trends for 2016 your should have been using


Knowing the trends for both you and for your event attendees can give you the leg up on the competition, and even if we are half way through the year, new scenarios continue to happen throughout the year that can make a difference to both an event and a business.

In this article we are exploring what has been huge at attracting people to interact and engage both in person and online. This is because you don’t want to waste your time following fads that never amount to much.

Crowd Streaming / Live Streaming

The most recent significant update for Facebook allowing both individuals and pages to live stream video, to all of their followers and friends. Live streaming has been greatly discussed between festivals and events in previous years and has been concerning, as many people believe live streaming events could reduce tickets and pass sales. However, this point over view has been outweighed by those who see the more prominent benefits of live streaming. Also after testing, it has showed a drastic improvement in reaching people and has increased online conversations through social media and it helps to create general awareness for the events.

  • Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows you to broadcast live on Facebook with just your Smartphone. You can broadcast for up to 90 minutes. After your broadcast ends, Facebook makes the video available in your stream and you can adjust viewing permissions.

  • Periscope

This is a sand alone app that can be used to live stream video application both available for android and IOS and offers support for GoPro. You are able to view these streams from any device connected to the internet. After only one year of being operational the app has had over 200 million broadcasts and has been named Apple’s app of the year for 2015.

Social Reach

Although social media has been used by event professionals, there are always new updates, news apps and new people to reach out too. With people using some form of social media throughout their day both in and out of work you have even more opportunity to reach those that could be or are interested in your event.

Social media ambassadors for your event could get your event filled. Social ambassadors are able to target people who are most likely to trust them and attend the events. More and more people are continuing to stats are showing the peer referral is the most effective way to increase registration for an event. Ambassadors will push and inform their followers about your events in a way that doesn’t seem paid this can ensure a more credible image from the ambassador and influences more people to trust their opinion. However, be sure to get the right person to promote your event as you want to make sure they have the right following that will actually have an interest in attending your event.

Even if you are putting on a successful event and you have been able to correctly promote your events so you have the perfect amount of attendees, you need to make the event itself is up to  scratch with the expectations you have pushed to the public. Do this by having the right equipment at your event and the right marketing during the event.