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Looking For A Projector

At Conferences and Events UK presentations we can provide you with ideal projectors and AV equipment. But if you are looking for a personal projector or want to know what makes a projector perfect for a certain scenario then take a look and learn about the basics here.

Why choose a Projector?

In many situations a TV is a great presentation tool as it is clear and bright during daylight and can be easy to connect to your presentation tool, such as a laptop. However TVs and monitors usually need to be mounted on a wall and have multiple wires that either dangle and cause unpleasant visuals or need to be hidden by rewiring a wall. This is a lot of effort, and on top of this TV’s are limited by size if you have detail and want to show images and video content then it could be difficult for everyone in a room to see.

Conversely projectors are small compact and relatively light depending of the model and brand you buy. This means that you can take your presentations with you and be prepared for anything. If you are looking for a permanent in place projector then they can be easily mounted on the ceiling and will provide you with a larger screen and as well as clearer image when conduction your killer presentation.

Looking for a projector

What makes a projector good?

There are three main areas you should consider when buying a projector; the brightness, the aspect ratio/resolution and usability/ features.

Let’s start with the brightness, all projectors brightness are measured based on a lumen scale. In simple terms the more lumens the brighter the image produced will be. For daytime viewing it is recommended that you look for projectors with a lumen rating of around or above 2500 ansi lumens. This would mean the projector will produce clear crisp and visible images during the daytime. Helping you deliver the best presentation you can.

The resolution you choose will be dependent on how often you will use the projector, what you will use the projector for and finally the budget you have for a projector. The most basic resolution is SVGA which is ideal for a budget conscience person as they are the cheapest option. However, they are good for displaying simple charts and slide shows and are not recommended for extended video watching. However there are plenty of other options. For a business looking for crisp detail and a more versatile machine then a projector with a XGA or WXGA resolution means you will get sharper and more detailed images produced, the WXGA will allow a wider image which will be similar to a laptops screen rectangular display. For a premium, high quality and more expensive projector WUXGA is the resolution that will provide you with the sharpest and most detailed picture, perfect for presentation and films.

Looking for a projector 2

Finally what sets a projector apart from the competition are the features that it has. Whether a projector has HDMI connectivity or wifi built-in for wireless playing. Make sure that you get a projector that has what you need. Some features to look into are:

  • Wireless capability
  • HDMI
  • Vertical and/or horizontal image correction
  • USB Plug ‘n Play


Conferences and Events UK presentations are AV specialist and provide both projector hire and sale, with technical support. This means we can set up and show you how to make the most out of your new projection unit. Search the rest of the site or call today to find out how we can help you become a professional presenter.