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On the go presentation solutions in your pocket

Not all presentations happen in a conference hall, in front of a crowd of people. Sometimes a presentation has to be done on the spot in a small space. This is where compact technology can come in handy, with this guide Conferences and Events UK suggest how you can pull off an outstanding presentation with gadgets you can carry in your everyday bag.

big projector

Don’t be stuck with large, heavy equipment. Modernise with sleek, light systems.

The content

More often than not, your presentation will be saved onto your laptop but these can be heavy and a hassle to carry around with you everywhere. However, by saving your presentation onto cloud storage services like Dropbox or Justcloud, you can access your presentation from your phone, tablet or any computer with an internet connection. As a result of this your presentation can be accessed wherever there is an internet connection.


Displaying Content

Every speaker needs visuals and audio to enrich their presentation and deliver a confident and clear speech. Pico Projectors like the Pico Genie M100 allow you to connect wirelessly from your phone to the projector and display your presentation or even attach a usb stick and display your content through that.


Pico Genie M100. Source:

Projectors like this can display up to 80 inches and are approximately the size of an iPhone 6plus. This means you can truly deliver a presentation wherever you are. If your presentation includes audio, then you can’t go wrong with a Bluetooth speaker. The Bose Soundlink mini delivers crisp clear sound and can fill a medium sized room, perfect for conference meetings and business presentations.


Bose Soundlink. Source:

To sum up…

Technology is your friend as long as you can use it for your advantage. No matter what the size your event or presentation will be, Conferences and Events UK is able to provide you with full support and hands on event management. Visit our services page for more info.