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How to measure your Event Success?

Is it possible to measure your event success? Good events will be not only planned but also learned from. Good event managers will be able to verify what worked and what didn’t and learn from the potential mistakes to improve future events. Although, we should not focus on any one metric. Conferences and Events UK describes 3 event performance indicators to watch out for. These are essentially the KPI’s to follow then you are willing to verify the performance of your event.

Cost per visitor

Depending on the industry and event type, your costs will be different. However, being consistent in collecting this data, might give you very important insight. Make sure to calculate this after each of the events by simply diving your overall cost by the amount of guests minus the potential profit (if the event was paid). Comparing this amount year over year will give you insight into whether or not your costs are increasing or decreasing. Monitoring costs will allow you to manager your budget more effectively and use the unallocated funds to improve other aspects of the event.


If you ran more than one event in your career, you will know that setting the presence goals will help you to measure not only the footfall, but also the performance of you event. It will also allow you to verify whether your advertising brought the expected results. You can simply measure the popularity of your event on the internet by starting the new Hashtag. Later, you will be able to see it’s activity. Your social media channels are great indicators of your event’s performance. Keep your eye on Facebook and Twitter and make sure that you follow the social profiles analytics.


Did you event even grow and is it scalable? Aim to measure the above data from year to year. Watch out for what the statistics tell you. Gaining 7or 10% increase in the number of visitors or overall response is a great result. With that knowledge, you will be able to plan your event special and catering requirements ahead. It is always better to be prepared for the extra visitors than to send them back because of silly reason of not having enough space. Conferences and Events UK is always happy to advise and help with your event organisations. Do not hesitate and drop us a line if you think that you can make use of our expertise.