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Top 3 Tips For Conference Speakers Selection

Even the best conferences can lose their shine due to the wrong choice of the participating speakers. At the end of the day, they are the central element of your event. Conferences and Events UK names 5 top tips for your conference speakers choice that can help you in preparing a successful conference and avoid the big fiasco.

Event Organizer Inclusion

Before anything, good conference speaker will be able to appreciate the invitation to your event no matter what’s his profile. Including your brand, organization or yourself by name in the speech is considered the polite practice and at the same time a small dose of positive promotion for you. Often guests will come to the certain conference just to listen to the particular speaker. Including the information about your conference in their online communication (like social media posts) will provide extra publicity boost and build up the event’s profile.

Social Presence

Check your speaker’s social channels before sending your invitation. Decent conference and event speakers in most fields, will have a good online presence. Look for the ones that are more likely to communicate with their followers. If the speaker is engaging with his audience there, it is more that he will do that during the event as well. Building a long term social media relationship with your speaker is a good practice.

Audience Engagement

This is the most important skill of the conference speaker. Without him engaging with the audience, you might as well save the money and make them watch the video materials as it will give the same results. Art of interactive presentation will allow your chosen speaker to build the relationship with the audience and make better impression. It is also important to remember that conference speakers are able to interact with your audience before and after the presentation. Make sure to provide them with the facilities to do so. Have refreshments and beverages ready after the presentation so the speaker can jump straight into the conversation with the audience members after a couple of minutes.


Interaction, engagement and social media presence seem to be the strategic attributes when you are looking for a conference speaker. Conferences and Events UK are here to help you with your event’s organization and marketing as well. Give us a shout if you think that you might be interested in our offer.