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What do you actually know about Event Managers?

There is no doubt that event management is rapidly changing and evolving year after year. To many of us, event managers may seem to work miracles without needing a lot of preparation or even breaking a sweat. In fact there is more to it that you can imagine. Therefore, Conferences and Events UK took a closer look at our event management team and reveals their not-so-well-known practices and principles.

(No event managers were harmed at the process of creating this blog post)

Every Event is Different – Every Event Offers a new Challenge

You might think that event planner’s career is a one way street up right? – Wrong! As a conference or event planner you are constantly working with external factors outside of you control which may affect your event (weather issues or catering problems). In general the scheme of big and small events is parabolic as with each event you are gaining more experiance in the field and can offer your services to broader audience. Conferences and Events UK offers event management service with great value for money thus it’s attractive for both – large and smaller clients.


Tech Tech Tech

At the age of globalisation when we can contact friends living across the world with a simple Skype call, event managers need to be more tech savy. However no tech can replace human interaction which events are all about. Event managers continually keep educating themselves, embracing the available technology and use it in their favour. It was really helpful at some of our previous events.

Event Managers are not (only) entertainers

Many people think that event manger only has to make sure that all the guests are happy and have enough coffee to last through the event. Think about the event floor(s) planning, decoration design and sourcing, audio and visual installations, budgeting and staff management. The scale of duties grows with the size of the event and gets to the point when as an event planner you have to run equivalent of the small company with new staff, new gear and fresh business plan. And obviously, it all has to work, the first time you launch it –every time.

Whether you’re planning a small, discreet conference in a boutique hotel, a large event in Wembley Stadium, a product launch in a factory, or an awards ceremony in your local hotel, Conferences and Events UK promises to help create the day of your dreams.

Take it Live Brimingham

Now that was something big. #TakeItLiveBrimingham