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Top characteristics of good event manager part 2

Top characteristics of good event manager part 2

Conferences and Events UK Ltd continues to wonder what are the most significant characteristics of perfect event manager. Click here to see the part 1. As no one is perfect, we can at least aim at becoming the best in event management services. In the first part of this article (link) we have covered: flexible problem solving, understanding of the client’s needs, passion for the craft and attention to detail. Here are few more event manager’s skills that we think are important well.

Time (and) management

Event scheduling is not only about meeting all deadlines but also about managing people, resources and yourself as a manager. You have to be able to stay focused for extended periods of time and act on the spot.

Being communicative peoples’ person

As trivial as it sounds, communication is a great deal of event manager’s job. We interact with people at all stages of the process and have to be able to approach anyone without any issues. If someone is not happy to meet new people each day, event management industry is not a right career patch.  We have to be able to share our insights and ideas freely and accept the critics when needed.

 Business oriented thinking

We have to remember about the fact that time is money. While organizing the event, experienced manager will be able to balance costs while meeting all client’s requirements. As for Conferences and Events UK – We can organise everything you need, from venue finding, accommodation, entertainment and conference packs through to staging, AV equipment, lighting and music. We’re experienced at making the very best out of a tight budget, without skimping on quality.  Leave it to the experts and sit back and enjoy! You’ll be surprised at just how cost effective our event management can be!


Whether you’re planning a small, discreet conference in a boutique hotel, a large event in Wembley Stadium, a product launch in a factory, or an awards ceremony in your local social club, Conferences and Events UK promises to help create the day of your dreams.



How to boost your audience’s interaction?

Conferences and Events UK handles all the “behind the scenes” of the event. Creating the interactive and engaging event plan is highly specialized task. A successful event will be highly engaging for its attendees thanks to well planned schedule as well as pre and post event service. Conferences and Events UK finds the most effective ways to increase event audience’s interaction.

Conferences and Events UK presentations event

Conferences and Events UK OMG Awards event


Human interaction is the core of any event. Allow your visitors to interact with the event and between each other.  Speakers can encourage the audience get involved in the presentation and event plan. From the side of the event panning Conferences and Events UK will make sure to make the most form the given site or area where it takes place. Make it easier for the presenter or the main speakers to approach the audience when it’s possible and do not border the scene from the sitting area. Creating networking friendly areas will give your visitor more comfortable environment and ease the interaction. Standing tables or simple sofa sitting areas are good choice.


Every event starts at the time when you start your communication with the event audience – not at a time when the fist guests arrive to the event location. Try to build the anticipation and communicate with your event audience long before you host the event. It’s often beneficial to start the social media profiles and groups for your event well in advance. Inviting all the attendees to the event on social media will also be visible to their friends which can only boost your recognition.

Location, Location, Location … Interaction

The layout of your event floor (floors) plans will play the key role in the way your audience will interact with the speakers and whatever they want to share.  Combining well positioned sitting areas for the audience with the Q&A and networking sessions in effective way, will result in sky high attendees’ satisfaction. Thanks to that your audience will feel like they are getting the most out of the event they attend.

Top characteristics of good event manager part 1

Top characteristics of good event manager part 1

At Conferences and Events UK Ltd we keep the highest possible standards in terms of event management services. We want to provide our clients with quality service thanks to well trained staff and years of experience. Today, we debate over top characteristics that make good event manager.

Flexible problem solving

Proper event manager knows how to think out of the box and how to react at the crucial situations while keeping the flow of the event. Such person should be able to take the responsibility for the ongoing process of an event and be prepared to react, even in stressful situations.  When supported with industry experience, well trained manager can be a day saver when a critical situation occurs.

Understanding of the client’s needs

Deep understanding of client’s industry, event attendees profile and the overall event characteristics is a matter of well performed research. Good event manager never overestimates his skills and knowledge. There is always something new to learn about the client to better understand his needs and expectations. Background analysis is always an essential part of every event planning.

Attention to detail

It’s small things that matter. It is important to remember that event managers are multitasking on all levels of event planning process and paying attention even to the smallest details might save them going through a lot of trouble. Serving right cuisine, picking the right color theme or arranging the seats does matter.

Passion for the craft

Event manager has to be able to rely not only on his experience but also the passion that drives him and pushes forward. When there seem to be no solution, the last hope lies in those who believe anything is possible. You can train to become event manager but you have to be able to understand that your knowledge is not everything.

Our professional team is always there to suggest you best event management solutions click here to learn more.

What do you thing should be the most important characteristics of good event manager?