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Effective Event Planning 1.01

Planning your own – less or more professional – event might be a challenge. If you need to hold an event but just don’t have the time to handle it yourself feel free to leave it to our Event Management team. At Conferences and Events UK we are implementing the latest and most effective event management tactics available, while providing the highest possible standard.  Here are some of the actions we have to undertake in order to effectively plan and manage your event.

Efficient and personalized event participants invitations

During preparations to the event and before sending out the invitations, we want to know your audience better to be able to provide them the right level of service and meet their needs. This approach also allows us to design better email invitations strategy by segmenting your audience and sending our more personalized invitations. Using email invitations allows highest efficiency and flexibility while planning the event.  We are using eye catching graphics and safe mail delivery systems to make sure that none of your visitors will miss their invitation.

Venue choice and design

Designing the layout of the event sitting/display or eating areas must be both strategic and efficient. We are trying to be flexible with our design to match the given venues and at the same time to suggest our customers the best suiting locations for their events. We are mapping the event site and then plan the setup step by step. We also have to keep in mind range of governmental an council regulations. Some of the  (relevant by size) gatherings have to be reported to the authorities. We also have to adjust the parking size and venue itself to the number of planned guests.


We are supporting you in decision making process and then be flexible depending on the given budget. It is always our priority to meet not only visitor’s, but also our client’s needs. We do realize that budget is often the strategic factor affecting the event planning process. We value your opinion and trying to cooperate and report back on the crucial changes.

Unexpected Changes and On The Fly Alternations

We are against “last minute” fixes before launch. Well and strategically designed events do not require these. Nevertheless we are ready to react in the unanticipated situations. Weather conditions might not always be predictable, catering related issues are difficult to expect while using best quality providers. For these and Hundreds of other issues, we always want to have “plan B”

AV Equipment

Whether you’re planning your meeting months in advance, or need a last minute projector, Conferences and Events UK has a huge range of audio visual equipment for hire. Our AV equipment can be delivered swiftly to the venue of your choice. We will set up the  AV equipment when and where you want it, and collect when you’re finished. Simple, straightforward, no fuss.

How to make your Power Point presentation more engaging?

Using Power Point? Hot Dog Presentations would like to give you the best presentation practices to engage your audience.

We all know the struggle we have to go when it comes to sitting through the badly prepared presentation. It is even more difficult to prepare the presentation that will keep your listeners engaged and focused on the message you would like to convey.


Use widely available templates to give your presentation professional touch. Black on white slides do not impress anyone anymore. Remember not to overdo it though. The content hast to play the first role here so avoid too shout themes. and offer range of different styles. Might be worth trying


Feel free to implement YouTube video into your presentation. Remember to use short and consistent ones and to stay connected to the internet while presenting. YouTube offers big base of material to implement. You can even record the video yourself and then use it in your presentation later.

Excel Worksheet

You can easily implement fully functional Excel Worksheet into the Power Point presentation. That might be really helpful for the specifically financial presentations where full worksheet functionality is needed.

Use images and relate

Representing some points in form of pictures makes it easier for the listener to relate and memorize what you want to say. We are used to that technique sine the elementary school books. Your audience will also find it more appealing.

Bring Right Gear

Make sure that you use the right AV equipment. Hot Dog has you covered. We offer fast, sleek audio visual hire for any occasion:

  • Projector & screen hire
  • Plasma screen rental
  • PA & other sound equipment
  • Lighting rental
  • Laptop hire
  • Video & data equipment
  • Flipchart hire

Check our offer now!

Top presentation tech 2015

At Hot Dog Presentations Ltd we are urged to provide our clients with the most advanced technological solutions. To do that we have to stay up to date with the latest news from the tech market. Consumer Electronics Show 2015 was a great opportunity to catch up with the latest inventions that will (or already are) available to the consumer market. We might consider acquiring some of these to make our events even more advanced and professional. Here are honorable mentions, that we consider relevant for the event management industry:

Huawei E5786 MiFi

Stay online wherever you are at the blazing speed. This little modem is capable of 300Mbs speeds of download and absolutely amazing 100Mbs of upload with the right sim card. Forget about the uncomfortable silence while you try to load your cloud storage or access your email on the slow connection. In addition, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and 802.11ac are supported for up to ten devices.



The iPro Lens System

Interchangeable lenses system for your mobile  device allow to capture the presentation or event in a great quality and range with only your mobile phone. Offered lenses include  Macro, Wide Angle, Super Wide, Fisheye, and Telephoto — has now been expanded to include the iPhone 5, 5S, and 4/4S, as well as Samsung Galaxy S4, and current iPad models. They simply clip on the device and securely stay in place while enhancing the camera capabilities.




360 degree hinged laptops, the HP Pavilion x360

HP keeps impressing with its tech solutions. This time we are being offered the hybrid device which allows users to convert from laptop to tablet easily. Significant specs:   11.6-inch diagonal high-definition (HD) SVA display, Intel Pentium processor and an HP TrueVision HD webcam. In addition, the hybrid computer — aimed at Millennials — sports up to 8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive.



The Plantronics Voyager Edge

The voice activation feature might come in handy when you are in the rush between the meetings, smart sensors technology also allows noise cancellation so you will always catch “these last couple of words”. It comes in 3 colors and smart, portable charging station.



A data compressing, roaming cost saving app

When hosting or attending the event abroad, mobile data transfer costs might be devastating. Opera Max app has been launched at Mobile World Congress this year. It’s basic implementation is simple – to compress the data you download to inflict smaller costs. As a result, you might save even 50% on your data spend. Brilliant!