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Conferences and Events UK 7 Top Presentation Techniques for 2015

Conferences and Events UK presentations are pleased to present you with couple of the most effective presentation tips for 2015. Designing and presenting your own presentations may well become much easier once you know these handy tips.

1. 5/5/5 slide structure – Build the structure of your presentation around the maximum 5 words per line, 5 lines per slide, 5 text slides in a row. That way you can keep your work clear and easy to understand. Link

2. Program yourself before presenting –  Beat your presentation stress by taking couple “winner poses” with your arms high in the air and a bright wide smile into the mirror. These might sound trivial but researchers have recently proven the effectiveness of such self-programming. The secret is fact that your brain mimics your body and vice versa. Taking “winning poses” and laughing (even if it is not how you fell at the given moment) makes you feel more “in control” and “outgoing”.  Check our TED speaker explaining how we are being impacted by our body language.

3. Slick Design – Make your presentation design clear and easy to read with contrasting colours and clear graphics. Using a clear professionally designed theme might be helpful for most. Do not mix styles and designs in one presentation and stick to a structured font palette.  A useful site for downloading PowerPoint themes is  Themeforest

4. Punch line Entry – Make your presentation stand out right at the beginning with a catch phrase to grabs your listeners attention. Every main chapter should be started with memorable (humoristic?) line. That way it will be easier for you to engage with your listeners.

5. Engage with your audience – Get interactive, fell free to ask your audience questions and give them interesting facts. Smile and be open, the more natural you will look and the easier it will be for your audience to focus on your information.

6. TECH – Use all of the AV gadgets in your (or ours) arsenal. Why not download an app to control the presentation from your phone? Add your listeners to the online event and provide them with short version of content you talked about. Use the laser pointer if you are showing graphs or a lot of detailed information  (professionals traditionally do not touch a board with bare hands).

7. Professional organization – Conferences and Events UK is happy to help you with organization of any size of events, providing top notch service, full AV and furniture hire. Why not speak to one of our conference organisers now for some friendly advice?

We would like to wish you success in your future presentations. Hope our tips will come useful.

Top 5 Strategic Event Planning Details for in 2015

No matter how well organized and professional your event is, there are always small details that can ruin participant’s experience. Conferences and Events UK has prepared the top 5 list of crucial details which can make real difference in planning a successful event.

1. Catering – If you are planning to serve food, make sure to adjust the menu depending on the time of the day and character of the event. Also provide guests with the right amount of hot and cold drinks. Depending on the budget, it is always good to add some small snacks to the traditional tea and coffee offering. It is a cost effective way to add to a positive experience and energy levels.

2. Internet access – Guests find it an essential requirement to be able to check their notifications, email and schedule on the mobile devices or save their notes to the cloud service. Make sure that there is always some kind of access point available and easy to connect to. You may be surprised with the amount of venues that don’t have reliable and fast Internet connections. Be sure to check all the options (including the mobile hotspots) before signing on the dotted line. If you have your heart set on a particular venue but put off by their lack of Internet access, it’s not the end of the road, why not explore options like mobile hotspots.

3. Giveaway an event schedule – It is good to remind all the guests of the main points of the event. Giving away a small program, which outlines the event plan including a space for notes, would be a nice touch and smart promotional boost.

4. Send over the reminders with specific location – We are all working on the tight schedule and find all the information we consume difficult to keep in mind. Why not send out reminder emails with key information and/or think about creating a facebook/google+ event and inviting the guests there. Quick entry links in Google / Outlook calendars might also be useful.

5. Ask professionals for an advice on event planning – It is always best to learn from experience. Conferences and Events UK are experts in professional conferences & events with years of experience in staging, creative set design and flexible budget planning. Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.


Whatever you are planning, we want to provide the best service possible for the reasonable price and most effective delivery time.